Friday, September 20, 2013

20 September 2013, Friday

Classes have started, my faculty has moved to SEGi Tower and so all of us had the chance to use the new facilities over there in the new semester. I expected something different or better from the existing SEGi's main campus, where my classes used to be commenced. Sadly to say, excepting everything is NEW and dusty (caused by the construction; most of the things not ready yet and only 4 floors out of the 15 are using now) nothing is good to be mention LOL

I have drawn a timetable which included schedule of his and my classes in UK and MY timing for myself, so that I could arrange my time more efficiently and also try to not disturb him when I'm not supposed to. 
Also, I prepared lunch and dinner by myself so that he do not need to worry about me >< Anyway, I find cooking is a great hobby, and nice food makes me feel satisfied and happy. No doubt, comments and compliments motivate me to improve and to be better. I enjoy cooking, discover new recipe and EAT, of course! :D
Yesterday was the Mid-autumn Festival, my elder sister sent me photos in Whatsapp about how they celebrate in hometown. Looking at this picture makes me home sick! I really miss my parents, a lot! Somehow, home sick can be cured a little too, when I cook something similar with what my mum used to cook for me at home.
Although I'm unable to go back to my hometown, my friends and I also had a gathering to celebrate the festival together.
Anyone can guess what is this for?

Tadaa~ We love doing crazy things like this LOL Macho~
So yea, we had BBQ yesterday!

This is my first time prepared a BBQ party all on my own, it is really tiring and I'M EXHAUSTED, especially when you gotta clean and clear everything after that. Anyway, I think it is worthwhile, just for them <3 p="">

On the same day itself, I have updated my iPhone to the latest iOS7! Guess what? I LOVE IT!!! I love everything in the new iOS7 LOL No joke! 

Although there are good and bad comments, but I don't think anyone could change how I in love with apple products xD

344 Days Left.
Friday <3 p="">

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A New Starting Point

Today is the first day that I have to be more independent because my man will not be with me one year. Honestly speaking, friends are the precious companion besides him, too bad Elvy wasn't at home today, so I have to be all alone at home, doing nothing.

I received his first text at around 1pm when he has reached Holland and waiting for the next transfer flight to Leeds. I'm like boost up and finally awake from bed and go to have my breakfast. After that, I have no longer receiving any text from him until 6pm. My mood went down hour by hour. I got no idea what to do and where to go, I just wait for my phone to ring or something~

Finally I get his replies and we chat for a while. For that moment, I know that I really in love with this man, he is being so caring, protective and always making time for me, never ask for a return. I knew my tears worth. Hide myself at home for the whole day, I know I gotta crazy, so I decided to ask some friends out to catch up since uni is starting soon.

Luckily they never let me down. First we went to In-House Cafe that operates 24 hours but too bad today is only open until 12am, so we went for second round at Caffeinees. Shockingly I reached home at around 4am, really had a great night out with them. Thank you so much for spending time with me!

I hope that I can start my Internship Report tomorrow :p Good Luck to me!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Finally I am back to blog, my man is being very encouraging me to start blogging again to keep him up to date about my life here in Malaysia, because we are now apart from each other about 9000 miles away. So yea, he went to Leeds, UK to further studies, and that's why our distance relationship started. I think I should be used to the 7-hours of time different between us now :(

Anyway, I hope we can work it out.

Since I'm away from blogging for quite sometime, probably this is the first time I'm sharing our picture on blogspot. I wish there will be more in the future as well.

Time flies. I have completed my THREE-month Internship in a Telco company and now waiting to go back to university for classes again, but I haven't even started my internship report yet FML! Anyway, we will be moving to a new environment in the coming semester, hopefully it will be great and providing us a better learning features.

I shall go to bed now. Good night all!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tearing from My HEART

After so long, I am back again. I think its just gonna be a short post to express myself for a while.

I just had a phone call with my mum and I cried, but I couldn't get what is the reason of crying. I wanted to cry out loud, but I stop myself after a little while. This is life I guess, you can't cry as loud as you want when you really need to express, you can't do things that you want every time you think of it. I guess the only reason I stop myself from crying, and choose to write out here is because that: LIFE STILL GOES ON, NO MATTER HOW.

Actually I did not cry because of they can't give me what I want or what I desire to have, but I cried because of I got hurt by they are actually still think that I did not consider on them when I want anything. Honestly speaking, I do and I always do. BUT there are always so many conditions that I could not explain and I can't get through it by myself. I NEVER WANT TO BE AN UNFILIAL DAUGHTER AND I WILL NEVER BE ONE!

If I have a choice, I will definitely wont ask for anything, I don't wanna take things for granted too. You think I'm not being understanding, but actually I am helpless, I am lost, I have no where else to express, thats why I turn to you. I am this kind of person, I will only be "troubling" you when I really have no idea how to curb the problem. I don't want to trouble you as well because I LOVE YOU, truly. Please never think that I am that kind of child, being so not considering. That is not me, definitely not.

Anyway, thank you. I just can blame myself not being the "EXTRAORDINARY", that's why I have to give out more and contribute more effort than others, that's why I am motivated to be a better one; AND I WILL DEFINITELY A BETTER PERSON IN THE FUTURE.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19 March 2013, Tuesday

I had been dealing with my LIFE, freaking hard..recently ;( No one would really understand how I feel~ Luckily I still have some friends. Friends from UNi, friends from my hometown, friends that I can talk to. But, I still can't manage to spend my time alone, because I have no idea why all those stupid craps will come into my mind out of no where, and affected my mood, worst still my whole day!
Currently I'm busy with my assignments. There are so many things that I have to deal with, I don't know how long can I bear with this STRESSFUL LIFE. Anyway, I will try my best for my family, for my friends, for everyone who still care of me.

One of the presentation has done yesterday. Although I'm not really satisfied with my performance, but at least I do try my best. There are 3 more assignments to go which has already make my mind totally fcuked up!

All of them thought that I'm going to club ;(
Anyway, I still like the outfit, its simply because of Elain's effort to choose one for me :)
A very good and pretty friend of mine, in the class.
Lunch with the coursemate at Nando's @ Sunway Giza :D

My bestie Elvy came all the way from hometown to visit me again, I'm so happy and appreciate our friendship real lot :) 
We went swimming right after she reached here :)
I went to watch Ah Boys to Men 2 with my lovely course-mate. Seriously in love with it, worth watching, to cheer you up, and also captured the lesson of the movie :) What's next after movie?
I really feel guilty to my course-mate. Some of them haven't been home for the whole day :)

The last session at night at iDarts Quad @ Sunway Giza Mall

Nothing important about this post, just suddenly come in mind that I should update something in my abandoned blog =.='' Hope you have a nice day. I wish I can live a better life as well!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 FEB 2013, Wednesday

I thought I am strong enough to face all this, after all I realize I am just nothing. All these days, I was just following the flow, I go wherever I thought I want to go, I do whatever I thought I want to do, but now is time for me to face the fact. What I really want and where I really want to go, it suddenly becomes to clear in my mind. I hope it wasn't too late. I am still waiting for the day.

I used to think a lot and keep it inside my heart for myself. So when I got offended or angry, I will just be offended and angry, I used to be coward when come to I have to actually ask to find out the answer. BUT I USUALLY DON'T DO THAT, BECAUSE I'M AFRAID THAT THE ANSWER MIGHT NOT BE WHAT I WISHED TO GET. I finally got the courage to ask, and I got the answer, its too late for now, but I hope it wasn't too late for the future. And now, I choose to trust and keep waiting.

Although there are so many rumors, so many people come to me and ask me the same questions. I will still trust the single answer I got, because I appreciate the courage that I brought out.

Life still goes on.
Keep Calm and Carry On :D

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finally HOMED

Oh man~ I'm finally home after so long. The last time I came home is 6 months or longer?..if I'm not mistaken ;( I miss my parents and of course the comfy bed hehehe

I did not plan to come back by flight at first, my actual plan was coming back with my eldest sister by her mini :D I changed plan just because of my crazy buddies. Love them always LOL

Thanks WL for sending me to the airport in early morning. I didn't get to sleep at all yesterday due to my laziness for packing my luggage. I have wasted my sleeping time to pack and clean my room before the holiday started.

We reached LCCT at around 620am and it is seriously crowded =.=" At some point I really worried that I will not be able to go on board. Luckily I made it. Anyway, I hate rushing, and airasia made me walk a freaking long way to get onto my flight ;(

Luckily the tiredness paid off! The feeling of stepping on the ground of my hometown is really great, especially when I looked down to the paddy fields on plane. Thanks to my lovely mama Elvy for picking me up with her cute son too!

I surprised my mum because I did not inform her I will be back earlier. Sad thing, she said I gained weight LOL

In the afternoon, I went out again with Elvy, Elain and Wynne. Guess what? We gonna dye our hair together!

After that, we all went home and planned to come out again for a yumcha session. Sadly, I ffk ;( I was waiting Elvy to come bring me on the bed but I end up sleeping like a boss. Sorry darlings~

Have a great day! I hope all of you have a great one too :D